Custom Body Products

While living near Ann Arbor and having as many as 45 goats we decided to start making goats milk soap. Want to know why? Click Here.  As we started selling soap people started asking for more products from us. So, we’ve slowly built our line up to also include all glycerin free lotions, body butter, lip balm and bath salts. Check out the stores below where we sell our products. If you want to come visit the farm and buy directly from us, we offer that as well.

Argus Farm Stop, W. Liberty

325 W Liberty St, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Argus Farmstop Packard St

1200 Packard St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Camp Dubonett

10150 Lake Dubonett Trail, Traverse City, MI 49685

Our Soap Collection

Patchouli & Pine

Made for those outdoorsy types who enjoy a more earthy smell. We’ve combined patchouli and fir with traditional tea tree oil and activated charcoal to make you smell like the logger you want to be but still have the clean and clear skin of a beauty.

Orange Sweet & Oatmeal

We’ve added the deep cleansing strength of organic steel cut oatmeal and a natural citrus essential oil scent to our traditional goat milk, coconut and olive oil base to form a soap that not only cleans and moisturizes but also makes you feel excited to be alive!

Spiced Tea Tree

Made from our blend of goat milk, coconut and olive oil, we’ve blended the natural skin healing benefits of tea tree essential oil and spiced woody smell of mahogany. This soap is ideal for those who need moisturizing but also want the benefits of antimicrobial and antiseptic cleansing with a great natural smell.

Black Beauty

For our younger fans or others with skin blemishes, let us introduce you to our Black Beauty bars of soap. Our traditional goat milk, coconut and olive oil blend combined with lemongrass essential oil and activated hardwood charcoal gives you a great smelling but super exfoliating wash every time. Use it for your morning and evening face wash.

Juniper & Sage

A happy goat gave us sage advice and told of the secret to pleasing everyone was to make a natural smelling soap with cool cucumber and juniper essential oils, and to add in just a touch of a natural exfoliant of sage flakes! Combine this into our traditional goat milk, coconut and olive oil blend and your skin will be as happy as our goats.