Welcome to Camp D!


Nestled along the Shore to Shore trail in the Lake Dubonett area woods, Camp D is a new and exciting place for all animal lovers to enjoy peace, relaxation and good times. We offer services for all nature lovers. From horse boarding to natural body products to interior design, custom furniture and maybe even some unique camping experiences, we’re out here in the woods trying to make life beautiful and peaceful for all living things… except the mosquitos. We hate mosquitos! If you have a special request of us, just let us know, we’re generally fairly creative and flexible!

Horse Boarding Available

Horses playing

Want to have your equine family members live the life of luxury? Check out what we have to offer.

Camping at the Camp

Campsite at the Camp

Private and exclusive rustic tent sites with full bathrooms, a shower and near miles of trails, wineries and fun!

Meet The Farmers


Just two goofy and hard working guys trying to make a living doing what they love.